4-Things-All-Girls-With-Extensions-Will-Understand-Strictly-Styles-San-Jose-CAOn average, women have as many as 104 hairstyles in their lifetimes. For women who love changing up their look frequently, whether it’s for boredom or because of a major life change, extensions are often an amazing way to do so. And for many black women, hair extensions are often a way of life, with 60% of black consumers wearing wigs, weaves, or extensions.

And anyone who has extensions can tell you that’s it’s not just a hair accessory — it’s a lifestyle and a commitment.

Here’s a list for all of those hair extension addicts out there of quirks and feelings that they’ll only understand:

  1. Extensions are downright magical
    Beauty transformations are often equated with makeup or weight loss, but there’s no transformation quite as drastic as the addition of hair extensions. Extensions can add body to hair, change the warmth and coloring, or provide a hair style and texture that you normally wouldn’t able to achieve. If that’s not magic, then we don’t know what is!
  2. But sometimes they hurt
    Remember when Beyonce so beautifully sang, “Pretty hurts?” Well, she wasn’t lying. As soon as you sit yourself down in the stylist’s chair, you are prepared for a some extended moments of discomfort. But hey, once you emerge looking like Beyonce’s BFF, it’s always worth it!
  3. They’re basically built-in super powers
    Going through a break up? Looking to make your ex wish they never walked away from you? If you’re like one third of women who change their hairstyle after a divorce or breakup, hair extensions can be the the best way to get those Instagram likes and double-takes you deserve. It’s like having sewn-in super powers!
  4. It’s not just a hairstyle, it’s a lifestyle
    Having hair extensions is like being part of an amazing, secret club. Suddenly, you can instantly tell if other’s have extensions. You know all of the types of hair extensions, and have tried them all at least once. Once you’re in, you understand a whole other world of beauty, and couldn’t imagine your aesthetic life without it!

What do you think? Are your hair extensions a way of life? We want to hear your thoughts!