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Free Wedding Hairstyle Quote

How to choose the right hairstyle for your wedding.

A wedding day is a one of a lifetime event in a person’s life may it be for the bride and the groom. On the big day, the bride must stand out as she walks down the aisle. One factor that will make her stand out from the crowd is her bridal hair. There are many different wedding hairstyles to choose from in the catalog. Usually, the bridal hair stylist will do the job and offer different options. However, there are a few tips and styles which will be helpful when choosing a hairstyle for the wedding.

  • The bride’s hairstyle should match her wedding gown. As a wedding ceremony is a formal event, the bride’s hairstyle should complement the gown as well as the event.
  • The hairstyle should help in holding the headdress or veil of the bride. Choose a hairstyle which is in favor of using bobby pins, combs or barrettes to which it should now show out from the hair.
  • Choose a hairstyle which the bride’s hair will shine. This will add to the beauty of the bride as a whole and which will complement well with the shiny designs of the gown if ever there are any.

Popular Wedding Hairstyle from last year and trending

Weddings are sacred ceremonies around the globe. Throughout the years, a wedding event stays traditional even though it varies greatly between religions, cultures, countries as well as social classes. From the ceremony to the reception, food to be served and especially the appearance of the bride and groom, everything should be prepared in utmost detail. Despite those factors mentioned, the bride and the groom are the two most important people in that event and they stand out because of their suit and gown, make-up and most especially their hairstyles. One thing that will make a bride’s outer beauty stand out is through the hair design, color, as well as the accessories, were added.

Throughout the year’s bridal hair designs have been changing and more designs have been introduced to brides for the variety of options during their wedding day. Some bride would prefer a simple yet elegant hairdo while others want a unique and one-of-a-kind wedding hair look. Stylist all over the world adapts a single trend and last 2017, trends of wedding hairstyles peak to natural beauty to placing flowers which make it earthy and unique. Other than that, most hairstylists consider other factors when it comes to picking the best hairstyle for their bride like that of, a month of the wedding, the season, the venue where the vows will occur and most especially the preference of the bride if there is any.

To sum it all up, the wedding trends last 2017 focuses more on the classic, modern romantic as well as a touch of nature hairstyles to reveal the bold beauty of the bride on her special day. To help you get acquainted with the hairstyles of last year’s trend, here are a number of hairstyles, both short and long hairs, which hairdressers find popular among their bride clients.

Wedding Hair Styles for Brides with Long Hairs

  1. Simple, Polished updo– The brides of 2017 were choosing the style which brings out their natural beauty even without the influence of heavy makeup. Most of the brides don’t want their face to look too cakey but instead their want a fresh new look which will go well with their chosen hairstyle. A simple and polished updo is a sleek hairstyle which doesn’t need too much effort. This look is like a simple bun in the back which highlights the bride’s face and exposes the neck. With this, wearing a pair of diamond and pearl earrings will bring out the astonishing beauty of the bride. This look also resembles people who value minimalism as well as subtle romance.
  2. Folding the hair into a lower bun- This is again a simple look for brides who wish to stand out in the crowd with their simplicity and beauty. This hairstyle is designed in a lower bun forming like a crescent moon almost lower near the nape. In the middle of the bun is where the veil will be attached. During the reception, the trick will be to add floral designs to the hair making the hairstyle hassle free at the same time trendy.
  3. Side Braids – It is a fact that braining the hair has been a trend for all throughout the year of 2017. There a variety of braid designs which is best for wedding ceremonies. Side braids are one of the trendy wedding hairstyles that the younger generation brides would prefer. In this hairstyle, a portion of the hair is braided and it will be combined with the larger portion of the hair which is slid down either the right or left part of the hair. The next type of braid designs is by braiding portions of the hair and polishing it up into a bun but make sure that the braids are arranged in the outside portion of the bun.
  4. Teasing the hair – After forming a bun, the sides of the finished hairstyle is teased to form a natural and dreamy look. This is my exposing small strands of hair from the side part of the head or the hair just above the ears.
  5. Natural Curls – modern brides specifically those brides of 2017 wanted to look edgy buy designing a hair in a curly way that complements well their wedding gown. It is a fact that brides with curly hair are easier to manage because their hair will easily go with the flow of the design.

Almost all beautiful wedding hairstyles of 2017 are being designed in a way that their hairstylists place accessories to it. Some bride would prefer placing beads, diamond, and headbands to add a modern yet elegant look during their wedding day. Others would prefer adding a simple touch of nature like that of adding a crown of flowers with leaves.

Wedding Hair Styles for Brides with Short Hairs

Short Bob

Bobby hairs have been an instant hit for the wedding hairstyles of 2017. There is two type f bobby hairdo which is the curly one and the short straight cut with bangs. This type of wedding hairstyle is perfect in showing the shape of the bride’s face at the same time exposing the neck and shoulders.

Pixie Cut

This type of hairstyle is somehow rare for weddings because this hairstyle depends on the shape and angle of a lady’s face. Although this is shorter than a bob cut, this hairstyle requires little to no effort at all. Some would color their pixie cut hair with different colors like that of baby pink so to blend the color with a white wedding gown.

Wavy / Beach short hairs

This type of hairstyle makes use or curling irons that styles the hairs’ waves either inside or away from the face. This will create a somehow beach waves look that will go well with a small veil.

Half-up half-down Hairstyle

This hairstyle is slightly above the shoulder. To create an elegant and pleasing look, half part of the hair is being tied to the back where the veil is attached.

Piecey Bob

This is a look where one side of the hair is being placed to one side. It is like that of a side braid but in a shorter version. This style is somehow challenging because you need to secure the hair from one side so it would not fall down.

Short Curls

These curls are from the root to tips. This may be natural or curled by an iron. To maintain the formed curls throughout the wedding day, mild hairsprays are applied for long-lasting hair design.

Hairstyles for short hairs are easily being managed because small details are needed for the bride to stand out. Always remember that when having a short hair during your wedding, little accessories to the hair goes a long way and it is very much enough to make you stand out.

For short or long hairs, there will always be that hairstyle that will fit you at your best. Always take into consideration the style of the gown as well, the color as well as the design before settling in a hairstyle. Also, always remember that after the wedding day, make it a point that your hair is properly rinsed to remove the chemicals that are used to design your hair.

The trend of wedding hairstyles has been improving as years go by. However, some of the designs are retained while some may be a blast from the past. Either way, the main goal of hair designers is to be able to give a magnificent look to their clients during their special day. Consider these hairstyles a trend which will extend until 2018 and so on. You may also browse online to see what wedding hairstyle best suit your needs. Other than that, there are a lot of hair designers which are happy to serve you in your hair design needs.

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