Hair relaxers make up a huge portion of the black haircare market, totaling $152 million, or 21%. Even those who have been relaxing their hair for years forget to prepare their hair for treatment.

Hair relaxers make tight curls and kinks much easier to manage and straighten for styling. Ethnic women prefer to treat their hair this way in order to have more flexibility when it comes to styling. But here are a few things that you should know before visiting the hair salon to have your hair relaxed. Otherwise, your hair may experience irritation and burning. Here’s what to do:

    1. Don’t agitate your scalp
      Hair relaxer is a chemical, and if you have an irritated scalp, you will be prone to even more irritation and burning pain during the procedure. Before a relaxer no shampooing for 4 days before. Many people will advise not to wash your hair right before a relaxer treatment, the longer you wait, the better. If you prefer to wash your hair more frequently, apply coconut or jojoba oil to your scalp to add an extra layer of oil protection, preventing itching and burning.
    2. Avoid intense exercise
      Sweat is the body’s way of detoxing, so if you’ve been working out rigorously, it’s likely that your scalp is covered in dirt and toxins that can irritate your head. Don’t get your hair relaxed right after an intense workout. Wait a few days and be sure to shower beforehand.
  1.       3. Dont tie your hair up
              Try to gravitate toward loose styles. Braids and other up-dos can irritate the scalp without you even knowing. While                these hairstyles are convenient and trendy, they can severely impact your hair stylist’s job as well as your level of                      comfort during the relaxing process.
    1. Avoid hair products
      Before relaxing your hair, you’ll want to rid it of all unnatural gels, and products. These products can make it hard for the hair stylist to comb through your hair and can also make you more susceptible to hair breakage.

Strictly Styles Salon can accommodate all hair types and help you get the look you want. But, of course, you need to cooperate with us for the best results. If you have any questions about your upcoming treatment, call our salon and speak to a hair stylist.