The-Right-Hair-Salon-For-You-Strictly-Styles-San-Jose-CAA good haircut can make a huge difference to someone’s self-esteem and confidence level. Indeed, almost a third of women change up their hairstyle or dye their hair after a break-up or a divorce. Whether it’s changing the color of your hair, getting highlights or extensions, or simply getting a trim, most of us have visited a hair salon in the last year or so. Women will on average, have over 100 different hairstyles in their lifetime. It’s fun to be a little pampered by your hair stylist and get a shampoo, blow dry, and fresh new look. If you’re in the Silicon Valley/San Jose area, drop by our hair salon! We offer the usual wash, curl, styling, and cut, but we also have a special interest in hair weaves and extensions.

Why Should You Be Visiting a Hair Salon Regularly?
Getting a trim every few months is actually good for your hair. It gets rid of those split and straggly ends and leaves your hair feeling lusher and fuller. A hair salon will also be using high end products that can help restore and rejuvenate dry or dull hair. You might find a new hair styling product you can’t live without. And, you may even learn some tips and tricks from your hair stylist that you can use at home to keep your hair looking healthy.

It’s also a great mood booster and “treat yourself” tactic. A little pampering can go a long way. Some salons will even treat you to a drink or cup of tea as you get your hair cut and there’s nothing quite as relaxing as a shampoo and blow dry by a professional. They’ll be able to find the right hair cut or style for your face and can revamp your look for the different seasons.

If you’re bored with your look, head to the hair salon for a quick fix. Indeed, a study of 3,000 women showed that just under half changed up their hair style or color due to boredom and over 60% just wanted a change.

Why Get Hair Extensions?
Hair extensions are a great way to change up your look without doing anything drastic to your actual hair. The Professional Beauty Association reports that in the last two years, there’s been an almost 29% increase in the number of hair salons who offer hair extension services. If you want instantly longer tresses, consider getting hair extensions.

They can cost anywhere from $300 to $10,000 for the really high end ones, but there should be something within your price range. There are clip-in hair extensions, tape extensions, and even hair extensions you can sew in to your natural hair. You want to make sure that the extensions match the color of your natural hair — it might take a blend of a couple of different color samples to get it perfect — and that the extensions are also the same texture as your natural hair. You want the effect the extensions create to look natural.

How Do I Find The Right Hair Salon For Me?
You may have to shop around for a bit to find the right hair salon and hair stylist for you. If you just need a simple cut or trim twice a year, you may be less fussy about your stylist. However, if you’re looking for high quality extensions, highlights, or coloring, you may need to shop around and see what salon and stylist fits you best. Those aren’t things to skimp on and you want to be sure that you feel comfortable and confident in your new style.

If you’re thinking about updating your look or shopping around for a different hair salon, come visit us. We promise to pamper you and make you look and feel fabulous by the time you walk out of our doors!