School-is-in-Session-Hair-Extensions-101-Strictly-Styles-San-Jose-CAThe average woman has about 104 different hairstyles throughout her lifetime. About 60% of hairstyle changes are an attempt to achieve a new look, and 40% of the time, they’re made simply out of boredom. Many times, our hairstyle update is inspired by emotional turmoil; one-third of women change their hair after ending a relationship.

Going back all the way to Scarlet O’Hara’s half updo in the 1930s, nothing has defined each era more than the hairstyles that made women feel beautiful. In an inconvenient turn of events, last year’s hit style was the short pixie cut, and suddenly this year, long natural layers is an object of envy. Women who want to speed up the transition of growing out their pixie cut into the long hair that would make the Victoria’s Secret angels jealous have two options: Either develop the superpower to grow hair quickly, or invest in good hair extensions.

If you want to know more about achieving your dream style overnight, look no further. We’ve put together a “Hair Extensions 101” class just for you.

Methods of Hair Extensions
Choosing the best hair extension method depends on your hair type and budget. Hair extensions can cost as little as $300 for the tape-in method and up to $10,000 for high-quality fused extensions. The most common methods are:

  • Hot Fusion Hair Extensions
    These types of hair extensions are attached to your hair by a keratin bead that is heated with a special tool to fuse to the natural strand.Lasts: two to three months

Pros: The polymer used to fuse the extensions to your natural hair is invisible, making it look natural.

Cons: The glue can damage your hair over time.

  • Tape-in Hair Extensions
    Tape-in hair extensions are very thin wefts of hair with an adhesive strip at the top that are taped to the base of your hair, on your scalp. The adhesive that bonds the extension to your hair is permanent and is removed with a solvent when you’re done with the extensions.Lasts: four to six weeksPros: Tape-in extension can be applied in one to two hours, and results in very little damage to your natural hair.

Cons: If your hair is very thin, the tape strips can be visible.

  • Weaves
    With weave hair extensions, the natural hair is braided into small, horizontal braids across the scalp. Next, wefts of hair are sewn into the braid using a C-shaped needle, which covers the tiny braid and creates a natural look.Lasts: two to three months
    Pros: Getting a weave put on doesn’t involve any heat or glue, so the hair is not damaged in the process.

Cons: The application process can be painful since the braiding is tight. If the braids are too tight, it could result in hair breakage.

Choosing Hair Extensions
There are thousands of hair extension options in varying degrees of cost and quality. Human hair that has never been chemically treated typically has the highest quality, but may cost you several hundred dollars. Synthetic hair is far less expensive, but doesn’t style with heat as well as human hair does. However, if you’re on a budget, synthetic hair offers you a great opportunity to try out hair extensions without putting a big hole in your wallet.

The most important factor when choosing hair extensions is matching the color and texture of your natural hair. Touch the hair extensions you’re considering to get a good idea of what it will feel like in your hair. If it feels dry, it may be more prone to tangle.

The Importance of a Quality Hair Salon
When getting hair extensions, it is very important to use a hair professional that you trust. Your technician’s ability to perfectly match your hair and to apply it properly is the determining factor in great looking hair extensions. Going to a quality salon makes the entire cost worth-while.

Avoid Damage
It’s important to apply your extensions with care to maintain your healthy natural hair. Avoid applying extensions in areas where the hair is fragile, such as the nape of the neck. Match the density of the extensions with your own to prevent too much weight, which can cause breakage. If you’re careful, your extensions will cause very little damage to your hair.

Are you ready to take the plunge? We hope the information we provided makes you confident about getting your own set of Megan Fox locks.