Once upon a time, visiting a new hair salon shop for the first time was a nerve-wracking experience. Besides word of mouth, there was no way to know for sure whether your new hair stylist was going to get it right or not. And there’s a lot at stake here. Men don’t always understand this, but a woman is too often judged for her physical appearance. A woman’s hairstyle can be a huge asset, or a source of anxiety.

Fortunately, if you need to find a new hairstylist in 2016, there’s one simple technique for making sure you end up in capable hands. In fact, this trick works so well today that you should never ever ever go to a new hair salon shop for the first time without doing this first. Right now there are about 663,300 hair stylists for you to choose from, so how do you find the right stylist for you?

It’s simple: when you’re looking for the best hair salon near you, always check his or her Instagram account first!

Chances are, all the best local hair stylists near you have an active Instagram account. If they don’t, that should be a red flag. What are they trying to hide? The best hair salon shops have stylists with flair and talent, stylists who are proud to flaunt their best work for all the world to see. Not only is it important to check a stylist’s Instagram photos to make sure they’re talented enough to lay hands on your hair, but you can also make sure they can pull off the kind of look you’re going for this season.

Obviously, the best hair salon shop for your needs won’t be the best place for your dad, whose had the same haircut for his entire life, to go to. Likewise, there are many talented hairstylists who have no clue how to work with black and natural hair. Six out of 10 black women today will wear a wig, weave, or hair extensions at some point this year, but not all hair salon shops have hair extension services worthy of you.

We pride ourselves on attracting the best hair stylist San Jose has to offer women like you because it takes a special kind of talent to do your hair right. And choosing the wrong stylist can affect you for years to come. Did you know that the American Academy of Dermatology says that by the age of 40, 40% of women will be showing early signs of female hair loss. There are a lot of reasons this can happen, but certain hair styles put pressure on the forehead that makes hair loss even worse.

So remember, if you move or need to find a new stylist, especially if you need a weave or extensions, click around until you find that Instagram account. And if you happen to find yourself in California, schedule an appointment with the hair salon San Jose, CA women trust to make them look flawless.

And in case you’re wondering, you can find our hair salon shop’s Instagram by clicking here!