Make-Your-Hair-Extensions-Last-With-These-5-Tips-Strictly-Styles-San-Jose-CABy choosing natural hair style weaves and hair extensions, you are making your look more versatile than every before. In fact, you’re not alone. The Professional Beauty Association found that the past two years have found a 28.5% increase in the number of salons that offer hair extension services in the United States. If you are one of the many people choosing long locks, be sure to follow these extension care tips to keep your hair piece gorgeous for as long as possible.

  1. Find The Right Products: While you should always use high quality care products, it is especially important to do so when caring for your hair extensions.
    Ask your stylist which products they recommend for your specific type of extensions. Your might even be able to buy it right at the salon.
  2. Brush Carefully: No more tugging out stubborn knots. Be as gentle as possible while brushing, and ask your stylist if they have any special brushes they recommend. It’s especially important not to mess with the extension bonds while brushing.
  3. Wash Your Hair Gently: Just as you need to be gentle while brushing,
    the same goes for shampooing. Scrub lightly and run the shampoo from top to bottom. Work in even strokes so your hair does not tangle.
  4. Use Heat With Care: Heat is generally okay to use, just be sure to keep the tool away from your hair piece’s bonds. If you aren’t comfortable with this, ask your stylist to give you a demonstration or avoid heat as much as possible.
  5. Sleep With Dry Hair: As you probably know, going to bed with wet hair creates a tangled mess. Shower in the morning as much as possible or dry your hair completely before sleep. Also consider braiding your hair lightly or covering it with a head scarf to further avoid tangling.

If you are having trouble taking care of your extensions or accidentally damage your hair piece, always call your stylist. They are hear to give you advice and keep your extensions shining. Over the years, you may have different types of extensions and natural hair style weaves, and you deserve to feel confident about each one.