It’s estimated that over the course of her lifetime, the average woman will sport approximately 104 different hairstyles.

And in between the various cycles of sew in hair extensions and different hair colors (an astonishing one in three women will dye their hair after a break-up or divorce), a growing number of women might be sporting a style that’s truly never been seen before.

Called the hair tapestry, the newest hair trend involves sew weave hairstyles that weave colorful threads into intricate, eye-catching patterns, reports Marie Claire. These tapestries add a pop of color to your locks and give a truly unique meaning to the term “hair weave.”

To create the look, thread is simply woven through a block of hair with a needle and tapestry loom, ultimately giving the wearer a folky, homespun style that’s perfect for festival season. The style’s pioneer, hair stylist Alex Brownsell, said the idea was inspired by traditional Andrean tapestries from Argentina.

While weaving a tapestry into your own hair will definitely take some practice, a growing number of salons and stylists are beginning to perform impromptu tapestry weavings. For example, one hair salon has been traveling to the biggest music festivals of the year and setting up Hairy Tepee outposts where festival-goers can get their hair tapestries done on the spot.

It remains to be seen whether or not these sew weave hairstyles will join other hair extension services on their recent rise in popularity — over just the last two years, there’s been a 28.5% rise in the number of hair salons offering hair extensions, for example. But at a time when the flower crown and politically-incorrect feather headdress are becoming tired cliches of the indie festival circuit, the hair tapestry is definitely receiving a warm welcome.

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