winter weave care basic of dry weather protection strictly stylesWhile the cooler air of Winter might be a relief compared to the Summer heat, it is not always the best recipe for your weave. Dry air in addition to your styling routine can be harsh on your hairpiece, leaving it more straw-like than sleek. But since six out of 10 black consumers wear a wig, weave, or extensions, enjoying your weave all year is certainly possible. By following these care tips, you can keep your weave in healthy condition through even the driest months.

Choosing The Right Products
When it comes to protecting weaves and natural hair, high-quality products are key. During the driest months of the year, you want to choose products that are nourishing to your hair rather than damaging. Leave in conditioner and oil treatments are especially important. Use these products about once per week, and take care not to apply them to your roots and scalp. Start about two inches from your roots and work the product down.

As for products you should avoid, be wary of hairspray and gels that have an alcohol base. It is also best to stay away from harsh shampoos. These can dry your hair out and undo all of the moisturizing goodness of the conditioner and oil. For most specific product recommendations, ask the professionals at your salon.

Styling For Dry Weather
While using the right products is important, you should also be mindful of how you are styling your hair. You should be using heat products on your hair sparingly, and this is even more critical during Winter. If you do choose to straighten or curl your weave regularly, ask your stylist about heat protection products. These can help your hair retain its smoothness and moisture when you choose to use heat.

Again, for more instructions on which styling practices and products are best for your hair, make an appointment at a professional salon. Your stylist will give you advice on how to care for your weave during dry months and all year. This way, you can enjoy long and sleek locks without worry.