Brazilian Blowout in San Jose

Fighting frizz no longer needs to be a daily battle. Through the use of breakthrough technologies, Strictly Styles offers the Brazilian Blowout San Jose ladies are looking for to improve the condition of their hair.

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The Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatment creates a protective protein layer around the hair shaft. This, in turn, repels excess moisture absorption and leaves your tresses soft, frizz-free, and radiant. The Brazilian Blowout also uses a special keratin solution that repairs broken and damaged hair, filling cracks and gaps on strands. After the treatment is applied, your stylist will use a flat-iron to seal the keratin to the hair.

Results will depend on your natural hair type. For instance, if your hair is naturally wavy, the Brazilian Blowout will make your hair straighter. If your hair is curly, the treatment will enhance the appearance of the natural curl while minimizing frizz. Regardless of your hair’s natural texture, you will enjoy frizz-free, shiny, effortlessly manageable hair with abundant body and bounce.

The effects of the Brazilian Blowout will last for 10 to 12 weeks; however, results are cumulative. This means that with each reapplication of the treatment, the hair becomes healthier and the results last longer.

Unlike traditional keratin treatments, which come with strict aftercare requirements, the Brazilian Blowout is completed in about 90 minutes at the salon and allows you to return to your normal daily activities immediately. As soon as you leave the salon, you can wash your hair, exercise, or pull your hair back in a clip or ponytail without disrupting the process.

This incredible treatment is extremely effective at leaving your natural curl pattern unchanged. After about 12 weeks, your natural curls will return just as they were before. While other smoothing treatments leave an unsightly line of demarcation with new hair growth, the Brazilian Blowout offers a smooth transition throughout its life cycle.

If you are struggling with frizzy, damaged, or processed hair, let Strictly Styles give your locks a new lease on life with our Brazilian Blowout treatment.