the hair salon industry through the ages strictly stylesWe tend to put a lot of trust in our hair stylist. After all, they can help us look our best and correct all kinds of issues, from botched color jobs to uneven cuts. But what do you do if you feel like your hairdresser just isn’t cutting it (pun intended)? There are approximately 663,300 hairdressers in the U.S., so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider switching to one who can better suit your needs. If any of these signs sound familiar, you may want to think about saying goodbye to your current stylist.

  1. They disregard what you’ve asked for
    If you have clearly communicated what you want in your appointments but feel like you walk out of the salon with the exact opposite, that’s a red flag that your hairdresser isn’t up to the task. Whether it’s because they’re inexperienced or simply think they know better, this indicates that they aren’t listening or aren’t willing to ask for clarification. Remember that you’re paying your hairdresser to give you the cut, color, or style that you want — not what they think you should have.
  2. They take a trim too far
    A trim should be exactly that — not four or five inches off your total length. It may help to demonstrate how much length you want taken off, and of course, your hairdresser should double-check to make sure. If you made your specific wishes clear and they ignored them (or the cut is clearly uneven), you’re right to be upset. It’s usually best to address it right then and there, but if you’re in shock until you get home, you can always call up the salon to express your concerns. Should you not get an answer that appeases you, move on to a different facility.
  3. Their social time takes over
    Chattiness is a normal part of being at the salon, and it’s a component that a lot of clients like. Socializing during your appointment is totally fine, but you need to recognize what’s appropriate and what’s not. For instance, if your hairdresser leaves to take phone calls during your appointment or tells you way too much about their personal life in uncomfortable detail, it’s time to put on the brakes. Even if you’re having fun talking with the staff members at your salon, small talk and gossip should never take precedence over the hair styling itself.
  4. Your hair looks in worse shape than before
    Ideally, your hair should look and feel refreshed after going to the salon. Not only do salons have access to higher quality products, but the hairdressers should also be trained in techniques that can help minimize and repair damage. But when they don’t know how to apply hair color or hair extensions correctly, those poor techniques can do a number on your locks. If your hair looks dry and fried even after going to the salon, it’s possible that the staff members need better or ongoing training. Make the switch to a professional who knows what they’re doing and can help restore the look and feel of your hair.
  5. Your hair stylist doesn’t seem to care
    Your hairdresser should care immensely about your experience during your appointment and how their services make you feel. If you’ve tried talking to them in more detail about what you’re looking for or have expressed issues with services in the past all to no avail, it’s entirely possible that they might not care very much. While this is pretty rare (considering that most hairdressers rely on client loyalty), you should take it seriously. If they don’t try to keep you from walking out the door, nothing is stopping you from finding someone new.

At some point, you may wonder whether it’s time to cut ties with your stylist. While it may not be pleasant, you should ultimately be thrilled with the service you receive. It’s your appearance that’s on the line, after all. If these scenarios sound familiar to you, it may be time to move on to a new hair salon. And when you do, Strictly Styles will be there to make you look good.