4-Tips-for-Coping-With-a-Drastic-Change-in-Hair-Color-Strictly-Styles-San-Jose-CAThe average woman goes through 104 different hairstyles during her lifetime. And while few women will ever go through 104 different color changes, these makeovers sometimes include changes in hair color. While some ladies go their entire lives without ever coloring their hair, some choose to switch it up every chance they get.

The first time you undergo a drastic change in hair color, you might feel a little lost. It’s a shock! You’ve spent so long cultivating your look around your skin tone, eye color, and hair shade. So what happens when all of a sudden your palette is thrown out of whack?

Well, you may notice that your wardrobe simply doesn’t jive well with your new coloring. Your hair care routine may need to be adjusted as well. It may sound like a lot of work, but if you give the following tips a try, you’ll certainly start feeling more comfortable with your new color in no time.

  1. Clean out your closet. If you’re planning on sticking with this new hair color for a while, you may want to get rid of some items that clash. You don’t have to throw them out. Rather, you can box them up and store them for safekeeping or you can donate them to a good cause.
  2. Go shopping. You will naturally need to pick up some new outfits and accessories to go with your new look. If you don’t have the budget for a new wardrobe, look for nail polishes, earrings, and lipstick that complement your new look. Try on some colors you’ve never worn before. Who knows, you may just discover your new favorite color combo!
  3. Visit the makeup counter. Hair color affects the appearance of your skin tone. With a new hair color, you may need to adjust your foundation or forgo it altogether. Play around at the cosmetics store and talk to a makeup artist about the best products for your new coloring.
  4. Upgrade your hair care routine. You will want to consult your hair stylist about this beforehand, but chances are your new color will need some special care. Go to the hair salon and check out products like shampoos that protect against fading or products designed to moisturize processed hair.

Follow these tips and embrace your fun new look. For more advice on how to cope with drastic new colors, talk to your stylist at the salon.